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Are Credit Cards Safe on the internet? The truth is by following a few simple rules you are Protected from Fraudulent use of your Credit Card.

This is what the Ministry of Fair Trading has to say about shopping online

Worried about credit card fraud on the Internet?

According to a recent report from the National Office of Information Economy
you should not worry as web based transactions are, in many cases, safer than those that take place over the phone or even with bricks-and-mortar retailers.

In fact the charge back or losses in the online retail industry (1.22%) is almost
20% less than the offline.

If you wish to read this report from the Fair Trading site click here

This is a link to the Laws and Regulations about Credit Cards and their misuse.

It makes it very plain that if you follow some simple rules like making sure that you report immediately you become aware that your details are being misused you are not liable for the debts charged to your credit card account.

Some Banks may charge a small amount for administration fees and some charge nothing.

The largest amount charged that I am aware of is $50.00

Click here to read the report

click here

To read American Express Policy for misuse of Credit Cards.

They make it very plain that you will be charged nothing at all.

They even keep a check on your account to see if there is any uncharacteristic or unusually high Charges.


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