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     Steelfab Water Solutions

After 2 years of a website
that didn't work, Onedex
redesigned and optimized
our site.
Now we are run off our feet
answering inquires, we just
can't believe the difference.

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Website Design and Development

Webdesign from concept to a Dynamic sales and marketing tool. Your website is your online corporate identity.

Onedex has the technical and creative expertise to project your image in a way that will stand out from your competitors.

We have the people to work with you, your sales department or your marketing firm every step of the way to ensure that the finished product is a true reflection of your companies image.

We have the people to make your website successful in creating potential client traffic through your site which is absolutely essential for sales or branding.

We have the people to maintain your website or the people to train your staff should you wish to maintain your website in-house.

We have the people to advise you about security and how to avoid potential fraud when selling online.

We have the people to advise you how to analyze website statistics and incorporate the results into your current marketing strategy.

We have the people to do a makeover on your existing website and if it is not doing the job we will make it work for you.

We believe that a website is an asset that you purchase just like any other business asset. Normally when you purchase an asset you have to justify the purchase usually by asking yourself one of two questions, will this asset make me money or will this asset save me money if the answer to either question is no or maybe you would be reluctant to make the purchase so why should a website be any different.

We totally agree why would you buy a washing machine from someone that could not give you a guarantee that it would work? Onedex gives guarantee's.

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Onedex Web Design and Internet Services
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Website Optimization

Recognized Search Engine Expert
and Search Engine Marketing
Guru Paul Barden is available to
advise you what is required to
transform your website into a Dynamic Marketing Tool


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