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Does Internet Advertising Work or Not?

In most cases I would have to say No! it does not.

WHY? well most people don't understand the concept of the net for instance, if you were to place a site or a page for your business on the web it would compare to writing your phone number on a sheet of paper and going to the Perth Library and amongst the thousands and thousands of books you select a book that no one has taken out for say five years you then place the sheet of paper inside the book and wait for some one to find it. So what are your chances of being found about the same as being seen on the Internet.

This is WHY most people put up a site and get no traffic.

Is their a SOLUTION to this problem? The answer is YES.

Your site needs to be handled by some one who has the experience and the expertise to be able to list your page on or near the top of a search when people search for a particular thing.

Unfortunately there are people out there that will create your web site throw it up on the Internet take your money and you are now in the book at the Library along with the Millions of other pages just hoping some one will stumble across you.

Depending on the type of business or product you are trying to promote maybe the net is for you or maybe not but at least WE will be honest with you.

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